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5. How to Make a Wrapped Loop

Published April 7, 2012 by Jewelie Dee

In Post 3, you learned how to make a simple loop. When I first learned to make a simple loop, I couldn’t wait to make a charm bracelet. I made all the dangles out of head pins and added them to a chain. It was not too long before the dangles started falling off. I had used a fairly thin headpin, and the wire just could not stand up to the wear and tear.

Wrapped loop

SOLUTION: Use wrapped loops instead of simple loops for constructions that are going to take a significant amount of wear and tear, or if you are going to be using wire thinner than 20 gauge (see the Tips page at the top of this blog for wire gauges).

Wrapped loops are much more secure, even though they are more tedious to create. After you have made a number of them, they become second nature and can be executed fairly quickly. The most difficult part is learning how to hold the wire as you wrap it. Practice, practice, practice (and use cheap wire for your practice).

TIP: The second most difficult part is deciding how much wire to use.  As you practice, measure the wire before creating the wrap and then keep track of the lengths of wire that are most successful for a particular use.

Here is a link for how to make a wrapped loop, courtesy of The tutorial includes both a video and photos.

WARNING: When connecting the wrapped loop to another component (such as a charm bracelet), do not forget to attach the loop to the component before wrapping the wire. Otherwise, you will have to use a jump ring to attach your wrapped loop! The photos at the ArtBeads link have a section called Attaching a Wrapped Loop, which explains this process.

Here is another tutorial for making a wrapped loop, from

Have fun, and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the Comments.